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About Us

We are your trusted company for all your spa, hot tub, and jetted tub needs.  Our technicians are licensed and insured.  We handle the warranty work for several major spa distributors in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  We can diagnosis, maintain, repair, or replace whatever your spa needs.  We can also provide a detail cleaning for your spa so that it stays sparkling clean.  We also offer to measure and install your spa cover when it is time to replace it.

-Electrical Issues
-Plumbing Leaks
-No Heating
-Pump Leaks or Not Running
-Breaker Tripping


-Shell or Skirting

-Spa Pack Replacements

-Pump Replacements

-Ozonators Replacements

-Spa Covers

      Detail Cleaning

- Complete Cleaning


-Weekly Chemical Check

-Monthly Check-up

-Filter Cleanings

-Spa Cover Cleaning


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